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8 February 2018

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Information Age magazine is for all executives, regardless of job title, involved in the application of technology for strategic, competitive advantage and improved efficiency.

Network Computing is a 6 times a year magazine backed up by a monthly e-newsletter. It covers the key technological, business, compliance and personnel issues that organisations face in running secure effective networks with an ever-increasing number of applications. There are often good reasons for organisations to invest in new technology or call on outside organisations to host their data or carry out other services.  Network Computing aims to help readers understand these reasons and make informed choices.

Networking+ was launched in 1994 and remains unique as the only print magazine still available in the UK for all those involved in the business of building, running and maintaining voice and data networks for enterprise users.

The Data Centre Alliance (DCA) is a not-for-profit international industry association representing the interests of the data centre infrastructure sector.

The main activities of the DCA include:


• Driving awareness of the data centre industry to the business world, the media, governments and the general public.

• Promoting the development and harmonisation of data centre standards.

• Leading the industry's research and development agenda

• Addressing the data centre sectors skills gap.

• Engaging collaboration with the industry's stakeholders.

• Working on programmes to improve environmental sustainability.

• Widen participation to both new and growing markets.


Membership is open to all data centre operators both private and commercial as well as supply chain organisations which support the industry.







Electrical Review is the longest established UK electrical journal. First published in 1872, it is by far the longest established journal serving the UK electrical engineering industry.

The magazine is aimed at electrical engineers, project managers, consultants and electrical contractors. Essentially any key personnel specifying electrical systems in buildings and industry, including manufacturing, retail, local government/health authorities, data centres, electricity supply industries and utilities and hi tech building services.


Electrical Review remains the electrical engineer’s favourite read. With pressure on us all to use energy more efficiently, Electrical Review takes an in-depth look at the technologies, legislation and application of energy efficient processes, as well as emerging forms of renewable energy. Power generation, transmission and distribution, standby power, UPS systems and batteries are all covered in-depth.


Electrical Review’s coverage of the factory automation sector keeps its readers abreast of news and technology in areas including drives and controls, test and measurement, panel building and software. Informed comment and opinion from a team of regular columnists set Electrical Review apart from other titles in the sector, and are a very popular part of the magazine’s make-up.


With a printed magazine, digital issues, website and a weekly electronic newsletter and regular social media interaction, Electrical Review readers have all the technology stories, news and product information they need at their fingertips, however they decide to access it.

Mission Critical Power is dedicated to the pursuit of 100% uptime at critical sites in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.


The only thing more critical than critical infrastructure is the energy that powers it. Mission Critical Power will unpick UK energy policy impacts, focusing on procurement, energy efficiency and energy security, helping businesses to reduce operating costs and mitigate energy price and supply risk. Continuous risk management is the only way to minimise threats to operational continuity. MCP examines the core threats to business and how firms at the leading edge are reducing risk. Data centres: Data centres are critical infrastructure for almost every industry sector. If they fail, businesses fail. In print and online, Mission Critical Power magazine will explore in- depth how DCs are staying ahead of the curve, redefining and rebuilding the engine rooms of the economy and connecting the backbone of business infrastructure.

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Data Centre Summit 2018 Logo

Data Centre Summit 2018 Logo

Data Centre Summit 2018 Logo

Data Centre Summit 2018 Logo